We are aware of how innovative charities have had to become. Rather than just asking for donations and we are committed to supporting charities pro bono with calls that enable us to share their services with businesses.

Our unique approach allows us to generate leads in a way that protects your priceless reputation.

How we work with charities

We allocate two days each month to work with charities and review the charities we work with every six months.

We treat our charity work just as professionally as all our lead generation campaigns. We also make sure that we are overstaffed so our charity work can run happily alongside our day-to-day business.

What we don’t offer is unsolicited phone calls asking for donations. As a business, we never ask our clients’ prospects to enter into any sort of financial agreement. This falls outside our specialism. Instead, we focus on building successful and hopefully long-term relationships between the parties involved.

Charities – work with us

The Straightahead team enjoys helping others – we always have. We want to help as many people as possible and we are happy to work with virtually any charitable organisation.

Contact us with suggestions on how we can help your charity with B2B lead generation. Would your charity like to use our free-of-charge cold calling service to generate more leads?

Free calling days for charities

By offering free calling days, charities of all sizes can benefit from our relationship-building skills. Many charities don’t have the funds to train or hire staff with the expertise to generate new leads via telephone cold calling. Our B2B telemarketing service bridges that critical skill gap.

Don't take our word for it...

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Mind - Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire

Emily Gray worked with the Straightahead team to generate additional income for her mental health charity from training sales. Transcript

Peterborough and Fenland Mind

"We were surprised and delighted that Straightahead offer a FREE cold calling days for charities and decided to utilise their services to call local businesses about the fabulous training service we offer. Our free cold calling days secured us two appointments with two very well-known local blue-chip companies which have resulted in positive outcomes as well as a pipeline of leads to follow up. We are really pleased with the outcome and grateful for the days that have helped our business to grow."


"Straightahead are absolutely brilliant! I am extremely impressed with the services provided, their high levels of professionalism and most of all, the fact that they undertook the campaign with no charge to AVERT. It shows that they’re not just great at what they do, they also have a massive commitment to helping charities such as ourselves. I would recommend them to anyone – and they’re very friendly as well."

Leonard Cheshire

"Straightahead don't actually work from a script. What they do is they get to know who you are. It was very, very effective. They also were very good at reacting to our feedback. It's been a very successful partnership and I would highly recommend Straightahead."

Emma Pearce, Head of Regional Fundraising for Leonard Cheshire, recommends Straightahead if you want to build a strong network of business partnerships. Transcript