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Volta Data Centres

Jon Arnold worked with Straightahead generate new sales opportunities for his company, Volta Data Centres. Transcript

Belu Water

Karen Lynch was building a brand called Belu Water and worked with Straightahead to expand into the restaurant and hospitality market. Transcript

Ashley Cleaning Supplies

As a smaller business, Ashley Cleaning Supplies needed a service that could carry out direct call marketing on their behalf. Transcript


Marc Stanford appreciated the time Straightahead took to understand his aluminium tank design and manufacture business. Transcript

The Voiceover Gallery

Jason Thorpe, Managing Director for the Voiceover Gallery, trusted Straightahead to deliver new leads and effectively maintain the client relationships. Transcript

Open Solutions

Ed Beale with Vicki and the Straightahead team work to reach sales targets and sell a company. Transcript

Kiss the Fish

Kiss the Fish has used Straightahead's services many times and recommended them to their client partners. Transcript

LiME Facility Management Services

“We have been working with the team at Straightahead for nearly 6 months now and we are delighted with the service. Prior to starting with Straightahead our leads and new sales had stagnated due to market conditions and the economy in general. The key for us is being able to continue with our day-to-day roles knowing that leads are being generated on a weekly basis. Some of these leads have been turned into contracts which have already started and the pipeline is looking solid for the foreseeable future.

"The partnership with Straightahead continues to develop as they learn more about our business and the market in which we operate, indeed they have provided some valuable market insight on top of the leads and business they have generated.

"We are looking forward to seeing what the next six months bring!”

Elite Electrical - Electrical Contractor

"We’ve been working with Straightahead for 9 months. They have created so many great opportunities for us, the leads are good, and it gives us the confidence to convert them into business. On one occasion, Straightahead sent us five leads, three of which we converted into business and another we got a quote over to. On a different occasion, one lead that Straightahead generated converted to four different jobs which is amazing. Working with Straightahead has given us plenty of opportunities for business both short and long-term. We would strongly recommend their services."

Leonard Cheshire

"I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki, Kaitlyn and the team at Straightahead for some time. They have proved to be very effective in quality lead generation for our team of fundraisers throughout the UK. Our services are quite diverse and complex, but this didn't create any challenges for the team who understand what we were aiming toward from a short brief. As a result, we have some very exciting prospective partners, huge thanks to the team."

Spectrum Security & Fire Systems

"If you are seeking a telemarketing firm, look no further. We have been with Straightahead for 7 months now and we are seeing encouraging results. They work really hard to get us in front of potential customers and their prices are realistic. They are a really friendly and efficient team with excellent communications. I highly recommend them."

Open Solutions

"Straightahead are a well-run, very hardworking business. As businesses seek to re-build their fortunes post-Covid, Straightahead will be crucial. I have worked with them several times over the last ten years and they have always produced great results."

YB12 coach

"The team at Straightahead have been amazing at connecting, engaging and arranging client leads with my potential customers. The service has been professional and dynamic and has opened up great potential for my business. Thank you for all the work you have done, the added personal service you have shown me and for taking my business to the next level."

EcoGreen Safe Care Ltd and EcoGreen Plant Hire Ltd

"We have an extremely successful product that’s well-received in the market sectors we operate in, but we needed to generate leads for a couple of sectors so we enlisted the help of Straightahead to do this for us. They surpassed our expectations for results and we’ve been so happy with the results we continued after the test campaign. They send us a summary of each successful call, detailing the information we need to enable us to take the next step, and just as importantly, they also list out the ones that don’t want any further information, thereby reducing time-wasting calls and mailshots. One key thing that we’ve appreciated is the proactive approach and the fact that they genuinely care about the outcomes they generate."

Salty Dog

"We decided to trial Straightahead to sell our crisps to new outlets as a test to see what ROI we would get and have been surprised and delighted with the return. Not only have they attracted a high number of new customers but they have come up with ideas and suggestions about retention and display an attitude of ‘working with us’ rather than just taking instruction. Their proactive attitude has helped us to manage our customers through a journey offering them and us great customer service. We are extremely pleased with the activity and the positive impact it has had on our orders and new customers."


"We had identified a couple of business sectors where we knew our services could help them and so we were eager to make contact with them and arrange appointments to visit. Sadly, we didn’t have the time or the resources to fulfil this so we asked Straightahead to help us. Their no-nonsense service was great, after a visit to understand our business and our USPs they built data for us for the areas we wanted to target and secured us a number of well-qualified appointments with key decision-makers. In fact, they delivered so many appointments we had to stop the campaign early."


"We decided to use the service of Straightahead to contact Coach Operators to help with the awareness of the new Irizar vehicles. We have been overwhelmed with the number of leads and contacts they have generated for us. There was no way we could have contacted that many operators had we done the calling ourselves. Having the cold calling done for us has not only saved us time but has enabled us to raise awareness and deal only with those customers who are ready to buy. Their reporting system is great too; they ensure that we know exactly who they have talked to and who needs information or a call."

Peterborough and Fenland Mind

"We were surprised and delighted that Straightahead offers free cold calling days for charities and decided to utilise their services to call local businesses about the fabulous training service we offer. Our two free cold calling days secured us two appointments with very well-known local blue-chip companies which have resulted in positive outcomes as well as a pipeline of leads to follow up. We are really pleased with the outcome and grateful for the days that have helped our business to grow."

Petty Wood

"We have been delighted with the quality of the appointments that Straightahead have generated for us during a recent campaign. They have been qualified against the criteria we requested and have been worthwhile and viable appointments, many of which that have converted or are ongoing projects that will convert in the future."

Brothers Cider

"We recommend using Straightahead telemarketing services to generate appointments for our sales teams targeting new distributions for Brothers. The cold calling that they have done has generated over 40 appointments so far and at a time of year that’s notoriously difficult to get to see people, we are really impressed. It’s essential that we protect our brand and that we are represented in the right way to the right target market. Straightahead has immersed themselves in our product range and market sector and has succeeded in achieving this without any issues and hit the ground running. We are delighted with the results."


"We were recommended to use Straightahead and although rather concerned and a little sceptical that they would be able to sell our products as well as we do, they have surpassed our expectations and delivered numerous appointments based upon our criteria. They have worked closely with our reps to ensure a succinct service that compliments our existing strategy and processes. Because their service is completely bespoke and based upon what your business needs Eager would be happy to recommend Straightahead for any business in any market."


"We have been utterly delighted with the 25 appointments you generated for us in just TWO days! Incredible. We had a good feeling that our product was just what the market needed but we are absolutely bowled over with so many appointments in such a short period of time. Thank you very much, we will look forward to working with you again."