About Straightahead UK

Straightahead UK are proud to have been delivering quality leads for business-to-business organisations since 2009, specialising in suppliers of products and services for the education, transport, plant hire, recruitment, health & care and food manufacturing sectors.

We are well aware of the shortcomings of the telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation industry sector we operate in, and the negative feelings and concerns prospective clients can sometimes have about using an external agency. The thought of giving your brand to a third party to represent as you would can be a daunting proposition, so as a business we’ve done everything we can to reassure you that we are different to our competitors.

Unusual for our Industry sector:  We generate exceptional leads by building relationships with our clients' prospects. We are experts at respectfully opening the door for our clients, finding opportunities by asking the right questions, and ensuring that our leads fit the clients’ lead criteria. So confident of the quality of the leads that we produce, we track the course of each lead's journey by following up with the client to ensure that the lead has lived up to expectations and keep a track of their conversions and ROI.

We actively seek feedback from our clients, and we adapt and change quickly to ensure we are delivering the best possible conversations on their behalf and producing the best possible leads, that are likely to convert to business.

Unusual for our Industry sector: All members of our team are employed and work from our office based in Lincolnshire. Our team enjoy a non-pressurised, fun environment with regular feedback and training to support and help them to be ‘the best that they can be’.

Recruited for their helpful and chatty disposition each of our team are trained to offer a unique consultative conversation style, which lends itself to better relationships and better quality, qualified leads.

Unusual for our Industry sector: We do not charge training fees, nor set up fees, and we most definitely do not ask for money upfront. We believe that we should deliver and prove our worth before you’re expected to pay. Which is why we are selective about who we partner with, we want to work with clients who see the world like we do and who mirror our values.

If you’re still unsure take a look at our video testimonials from some of our clients, their words, their thoughts, and their views on what we have delivered for their business.

Alongside our specialist lead generation service, we offer proactive customer service and lapsed customer calls to businesses that sell into sectors outside our core offering.