B2B lead generation service

Since 2009, we have specialised in delivering strategic B2B cold calling to generate qualified leads that are likely to convert.

Who we work with

We work across a variety of market sectors following a winning recipe to identify those prospects who have a need and want for your services or products.

We have a proven track record of providing high quality leads across multiple sectors and can offer sector-specific lead generation.

Our lead generation service

All our cold calling campaigns are conducted by fully-trained and salaried team members who work from our UK-based office.

No hidden costs

Activity reports

Our detailed reports share the information we have established about where your prospect is currently and what their needs may be in the future.

We will show you the pipeline of callbacks we have generated, described the qualified leads, and explain what further action is needed to nurture those prospects.

Client follow-up

Our job is to establish that your prospect needs your product or service and to prepare them for your follow-up activity.

We improve your chances of converting the lead into a sale by working with you and your team to ensure the leads are followed up and your prospects’ requests are fulfilled.

Secure and accurate data

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. Your data and telemarketing campaigns are always confidential and held securely in line with data protection laws.

You can learn more about how we handle your data.

Don't take our word for it...

Open Solutions

Ed Beale with Vicki and the Straightahead team work to reach sales targets and sell a company. Transcript

Bradshaw electric vehicles

"Straightahead generated appointments that led to sales, what more can you ask? Golf professionals and course administrators are not the easiest to communicate with. However, the Straightahead team reached new people that we did not know, and introduced our company and products in a professional manner. We have been delighted with the results and would not hesitate in recommending them. We are about to embark on a second round of activity ourselves."

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