Volta Data Centres testimonial transcript

Hi, I'm Jon Arnold. I'm the Managing Director of Volta Data Centres. We're a data centre in Central London.

We've used telemarketing internally for quite a few years. In fact we started it five years ago when the business started. Over the past 12 to 18 months we noticed that it hadn't been as successful as previously, so we decided to look elsewhere to see if we could work and find a partner that could work with us to help generate sales opportunities. That's one of the reasons we chose Straightahead.

We chose Straightahead after spending some time with Vicki and Kaitlyn and the rest of the team. We were really interested in a partnership with another business that understood what we did but also was all based on results. And I think it's really important when you're looking to use an outsourced company for this type of role that you look at the results that you can actually get from it and you pay for that.

And also in addition to that the partnership on how we worked with them was really key. One of the elements we really like and we bought into was the fact that they would send us daily reports on their activity and their successes.

As we've worked with Straightahead over the past few months and the relationship has developed, we felt that the feedback element has become really important. It's really, really key to us that if we listen to a call or we see the feedback that they give us we can adapt that so they can be more successful as it moves along, and therefore next time they ring someone they get a better response. And that for us is about the relationship that we have with Straightahead and how it can work long-term.