The Voiceover Gallery testimonial transcript

My name is Jason Thorpe. I’m the Managing Director for the Voiceover Gallery in Manchester and London.

We don't have the skillset within our business to generate new leads and effectively maintain the client relationship. Every other company I've spoken to in the past, it's all been about them. The conversations we've had with Straightahead have always been about us and what we need and what we want, and that was a key difference.

They were interested in what we wanted, in what we needed. They were interested in how we do business, the type of business we do. They wanted to learn about us. It was about us and not about them and by listening to what we needed as a company.

It's very easy to be railroaded by companies that are selling to you. It never felt like we were sold to. We were listened to and as a result of being listened to we received what we required.