ACGB UK testimonial transcript

My name is Marc Stanford, I'm the Sales Director at ACGB UK Ltd.

When we discussed what we wanted to do, it was a consultative process. It took Vicki some time to understand a little bit about the business, about the products that we manufacture and the markets, which are very varied and diverse that we would appeal to.

Because of the time that she takes with developing relationships with her clients and understanding their business needs, there really was no option other than to use Vicki and her team. It was such a simple decision to make.

Usually it's about numbers and making sure you approach as many people as possible to maybe appeal to some of them. With Victoria and Straightahead and the team that she gets so involved in the companies that she works with and the products that they have, it's so much different because they take the time to understand my business, and other clients business so they can appeal to potential customers so much more.

It's been easy to see that Straightahead has delivered on what they promised.

The reporting was exceptional; it was all so good, so clear. They delivered exactly what I expected. They met all my expectations and more, and I've no hesitation to recommend them to anybody.