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The education and training sectors have changed exponentially over the years. Whilst it is still a very lucrative market, it is highly competitive so the need to be at the top of your game with lead generation is essential.

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We take the unique needs of the training market into account with every call we make.

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MPLOY Solutions

"Straightahead took time to get to know and understand our business properly and the lead generation campaign they undertook for us was professional, well organised and structured. To date, it has provided invaluable intelligence and generated a wide range of leads, quotations and some new business. This type of campaign was new for us and a trial, and I will certainly carry on with similar campaigns run by Straightahead."

Commando Joes

"It is imperative when making calls to get the attention of the gatekeeper/initial point of contacts attention and engage with them so that they have a good understanding of what we are about. If this is done correctly we will be directed to the decision-maker within the school, be this the Headteacher, Deputy or School Business Manager. With this in mind we had to be certain that an external company acting on our behalf understood our business well. We found that Straightahead picked up the campaign and what we required from them very quickly, their communication skills have proved to be excellent with both the schools and ourselves. At the end of each day, we were issued with a full report which gave very detailed information which very much mirrored what we expect to obtain when making calls ourselves. In addition to appointments secured we have also built up a gradual pipeline of schools to keep in touch with and have definitely enhanced our awareness within the allocated areas. We have been very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Straightahead."

Your School Uniform

"In order for our Sales Team to utilise their time as effectively as possible, we decided to enlist the services of an external telemarketing company. Straightahead took the time to make sure they had a full understanding of our company and the services we offer before commencing. The results have been extremely impressive. Not only did they achieve very high call volumes each day, but the number of presentations they were able to make, the quantity and quality of leads generated and the appointments they arranged exceeded our expectations. The information and results were communicated promptly, consistently and clearly at the end of each day. Straightahead’s professionalism and attention to detail have been excellent and we are very pleased with the service and results they have delivered."

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"Established back in 2000 our business has always relied upon referrals to grow and more recently we’ve decided to be more proactive in our approach. We tried a number of different options for lead generation before we used the services of Straightahead. Not only have they lead generated from cold calling for us by building and developing relationships with our target market but they’ve also generated new leads from our existing clients, offered advice and even built data for us. Straightahead have been more than happy to make changes to their process to suit our needs and we have been delighted with the outcome."


"Straightahead have done the most amazing telemarketing work for Madabout since. They are results-driven, relentless and have significantly contributed to our sales success. I would recommend them highly to anyone who wants to drive their sales revenue. They get to the heart of what you want quickly and painlessly and ‘become’ part of your own team. Incredible service and huge brand advocates."


"Celodus used Straightahead’s telemarketing team to follow up on a marketing campaign for our training services. Having been let down previously by other telemarketing firms with poor quality leads and dead-end appointments, Vicki was able to set our minds at rest. She took the time to get to know our business and understand our concerns and recommend a pilot campaign. We were pleased with the number of calls that the team were able to make during the pilot. The level of conversation with potential clients was skilled and flexible and this has opened the door for Celodus with many more potential clients. We look forward to working with Straightahead on future campaigns."


"Straightahead have enabled CM2 to develop relationships with our client database to a level that was not possible for us prior to engaging the services of SAS. Our experience is that the team take the time to understand our business and take on board our feedback to enable results to be increased. The service is professional, the team are enthusiastic and customers want to talk to them and feel that their requirements are understood. Great service."

YB12 coach

"The team at Straightahead have been amazing at connecting, engaging and arranging client leads with my potential customers. The service has been professional and dynamic and has opened up great potential for my business. Thank you for all the work you have done, the added personal service you have shown me and for taking my business to the next level."


"Straightahead produced some excellent results for us. Contacting an area of the market that’s notoriously difficult they managed to arrange us 10 qualified appointments. They contacted us at the end of each day to inform us of their progress. We are looking forward to using their services again."

Mind Peterborough and Fenland

"We were surprised and delighted that Straightahead offer a FREE cold calling day for charities and decided to utilise their services to call local businesses about the fabulous training service we offer. Our 2 REE cold calling days secured us two appointments with two very well-known local blue-chip companies which have resulted in positive outcomes as well as a pipeline of leads to follow up. We are really pleased with the outcome and grateful for the days that have helped our business to grow."


"Vicki and her team ran a week’s campaign for us when we launched our new product DART. Before they made the first call, they understood all the key features of our product and completely understood the competitive market we were in. StraightAhead integrated themselves as part of Cirrus during the campaign and their professionalism and enthusiasm were exceptional. The bucket full of energy and drive that Vicki has is present in her team too! The output generated from the week was excellent and generated a lot of leads for us to follow up. The information we received back from them was precise and accurate, so we had a picture of what the lead was looking for when we called them back. Straightahead can add real value to any business."

Osbourne Purdie

"We started using Straightahead in May 2011 for the all-encompassing service to cold call and make appointments for our team. We are delighted. Not only are they consistent in their delivery but the quality of appointments and the level of information they share with us demonstrates their consultative manner, which is perfect for the start of a promising relationship with new clients. There’s no doubt they work extremely hard. Their honest approach coupled with regular meetings and reports ensured the succinct and smooth running of the project. I would not hesitate to recommend them."


"Straightahead is becoming an important link developer between ISIS and the employer taking time to understand and put into practice the type of marketing our companies require. The staff make the effort to understand our product and ensure sufficient knowledge is gained to answer questions they may be asked. Feedback is prompt, accurate and informative. I feel they have a real interest in the companies they are representing and are very happy with our partnership."