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Supply crisis: How to keep your customers happy during a staff shortage

Published: Sun Feb 06 2022 17:03:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Staff shortages continue to cause problems around the UK. Coupled with problems with the supply chain, it’s now more important to stay in regular contact with customers and let them know that their needs have not been forgotten.

Leading companies are changing the way they treat their customers-experience efforts to meet their customers’ primary needs:

Why regular reassurance matters

Actions speak louder than words in a world where companies are increasingly advertising the message of “we are here for you.”

Contacting your existing and lapsed customers will:

For instance, our lapsed customer calling service can be used to re-engage existing customers who may be at risk of switching to a competitor.

Six actions to connect with customers. 1. Minimise risk. 2. Help find pragmatic solutions for customers. 3. Stay contactable and personalise interactions. 4. Care about customers' emotions. 5. Discuss new ways to meet expectations. 6. Support the shift to online channel

Redesign your service

Providing flexible solutions when dealing with business challenges is a big trust driver. For example, logistics leaders have spoken publicly about the impact of supply chain and staffing issues on their businesses operations. One solution is to use in-house sales teams or an outsourced lead generation agency such as Straightahead UK to contact customers and negotiate new delivery routes. A redesigned schedule can make sure every trip they do is at full capacity.

Address financial stress

Companies are trying to ease unexpected sources of financial stress. One well-known example is travel companies waiving cancellation fees to encourage people to continue making bookings during the pandemic.

Think about what pragmatic solutions you can offer your customers who may be in financial or operational distress. Offering additional security can give them peace of mind and prevent them from going to your competitors.

Help your customers to use digital channels

Companies that previously relied on physical operations have had to move customers to online services.

Businesses offering virtual capabilities should assist customers as they transition to remote tools by offering free tutorial sessions to support the development of digital channels and systems.

Next steps

Speak to our friendly team about how we can help you have meaningful reassurance calls with your customers and generate new leads, which can translate into thousands of pounds worth of repeat business.

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