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Filling the gap: Why outsourcing is ‘The Next Normal’

Published: Wed Dec 15 2021 17:26:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Since the pandemic began, employees have been switching jobs in droves. A Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 global workers showed that 41% of workers considered quitting or changing professions in 2021.

While hiring and holding onto staff is a challenge for employers, a cost-effective solution is to outsource tasks that can be carried out by remote workers.

Why you should outsource during the pandemic

Maybe you only need temporary employees during busy periods or for a specific project. Perhaps you have a gap that needs to be filled while you search for the ideal full-time team member.

Whatever your reason, hiring a reputable outsourced team involves minimal investment, saving you money and time on everything from staff training and additional salaries.

Benefits include:

Outsourcing your lead generation

When our clients choose to outsource their lead generation to us, they can be confident that they can easily monitor their investment. We have a wealth of experience and reviews from clients across all sectors.

At Straightahead UK we maintain a high standard of service and will:

A competent outsourced service will take the time to understand your business and your requirements, and we pride ourselves on our comprehensive briefing process that sits at the heart of our success.

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