Recruitment agencies lead generation

We support recruitment agencies by cold calling their prospective partners to unearth live and upcoming vacancies, which provide our clients with new opportunities to supply staff within the industries they want to advance in.

The agencies we work with see a substantial return on their investment and consider us to be their “lethal weapon”.

By utilising our services, the agencies we work with can increase the time spent on sourcing the perfect candidates for the opportunities we identify and finalising those all-important placements. As a result, the amount of revenue generated for the business increases.

How we work with recruitment agencies

Many recruitment consultants are fantastic at filling vacancies but can struggle with finding them. Why dilute their ability to make placements when you could outsource the time-consuming lead generation work?

We call from your business to identify the prospects’ inclination to partner with an agency before advancing the conversation to discover whether they have a current vacancy (or one that is imminent) alongside the desirable skills and qualifications that suitable candidates should possess.

Confidential service

Our agency partners are all different. Most specialise either geographically or are sector-specific, but one thing is the same: most of our partners prefer not to share the fact that they outsource. The way we make our calls ensures that this is always the case.

By working closely with you and your reps from the get-go, we ensure our approach always meets the appropriate standards for your brand.

Whether a day rate or lead-only campaign, we include a lead tracking service which means we keep in regular contact with you or your reps to ensure your leads have progressed.

Don't take our word for it...

High Growth

Stuart Ross, Managing Director of High Growth, a coaching company working with scale-up businesses across the UK and America. Transcript

High Growth

"Running one the largest conference for high growth businesses in the UK, I was seeking help in identifying, building relationships, and communicating our events to growing businesses. I have also been sceptical about using telemarketing following some bad experiences in the past. However, having met Vicki and her team with a refreshing and professional approach I was willing to give Straightahead a go. I was not disappointed. They have been brilliant - being both exemplars of my brand, building great relationships and getting attendees to my next event. I will be using them again!"

Praetura Direct Finance

Guy Wadsworth, Commercial Director at Praetura Direct Finance, is a repeat client of Straightahead. Transcript