High Growth testimonial transcript

My name is Stuart Ross.

I'm the Managing Director of High Growth, a coaching company working with scale-up businesses across the UK and America.

We've always used a variety of marketing techniques and strategies to try to get new leads coming through.

The challenge is to do it consistently and over a long period of time and that's where Straightahead were fantastic at doing that.

They don't just look at one-off interactions with prospects or leads, but they actually really nurture those leads and allow us to convert them into customers very quickly.

It’s very different. Traditional telemarketing tends to be a numbers game.

I've used traditional telemarketers before and it's purely, they'll make a whole load of calls, with the hope they're then going to get somebody that wants your service at that particular time.

Where Straightahead are different is they will work through and target the actual companies, they will work through the actual gatekeepers, develop those relationships and build up the relationship with the client so they're ready and warm, ready for you to go and have a quality conversation with them.

Straightahead, and particularly Vicki, I've known for a number of years -- they're a company that has got great integrity and frankly they're a company that does what they say they're going to do.

Their approach is so different to any other telemarketing companies. For me there are just no other options.

I guess the most important part of the service was the confidence that they'll be representing my brand accurately and well to potential prospects. That they do very well and, again, clients or potential prospects who I speak to always have positive things to say about what Straightahead have done.

The service at Straightahead is fantastic The service, the account management, keeping you updated with what's go on in the reports. It's fantastic. It gives you the extra confidence that Straightahead know what they're doing.