This is a unique industry sector which requires a bespoke approach to calling. We have over 10 years of experience of B2B lead generation within the bus, coach, truck, vans and fleet sector, creating opportunities for vehicles and related components.

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C&C Vehicle Services

"We started using Straightahead in August 2020. From an initial meeting through to instruction and subsequent performance against commitment the whole experience has been first class. Communication has been continuous but not excessive and they've been open to and actively encouraged feedback. They are prepared to adapt to change at a moment’s notice. In short, one of the best supplier experiences I've encountered in a long time."

Cummins UK

"We ran a week’s pilot scheme with Straightahead to support our sales team. They were challenged to call from our database to new and existing clients to set up meetings and sell our services. We are absolutely delighted with the number of calls they managed to get through and the number of qualified appointments they have made for our team. We will definitely use their services again."

Dawsons PLC

"We started working with Straightahead on a trial basis in 2015 to generate some leads for one sector of our business. The success of the campaign led to us commissioning them to do further work for us in additional sectors. The campaigns have run smoothly and the team have stayed in close contact with us at every stage so we know exactly what’s going on even though they work remotely from our system. The professionalism of the calls made and the knowledge the team have on our services and products is perfect for the job they are doing. Some great leads have been generated and we continue to see a return on our investment. We would recommend them to anyone looking to generate leads or clean data."


"Following a review of our advertising spend and response rate, we decided that we would undertake a trial telesales campaign to contact our prospects database in conjunction with Straightahead. After two months we are delighted with the results and have been able to see a positive return with appointments, leads and information requests being generated that would not have arisen via our usual print advertising. One enquiry generated from the campaign resulted in us signing up a contract that we would otherwise have not been aware of. The direct approach has certainly worked for us and we have already taken the decision to extend the campaign with the assistance of Straightahead."

Mini to Midis

"Working with Straightahead has been a simple and straightforward process and has helped us to build a great pipeline of clients who have plans to buy. They cold called operators that we hadn’t had the chance to meet or visit and established when they were in their buying cycle. Their understanding of the market and how to communicate effectively with the operators is very reassuring and their approach of ‘relationship building’ rather than ‘selling’ fits with our ethos and communication. The daily reports they produce enable us to see at a glance who needs following up. We’ve been really happy with the service they have provided and would recommend them."


"We decided to use the service of Straightahead to contact Coach Operators to help with the awareness of the new Irizar vehicles. We have been overwhelmed with the number of leads and contacts they have generated for us. There was no way we could have contacted that many operators had we have done the calling ourselves. Having the cold calling done for us has not only saved us time but is enabled us to raise awareness and deal only with those customers who are ready to buy. Their reporting system is great too; they ensure that we know exactly who they have talked to and who needs information or a call."

ACGB aluminium reservoirs

"As a company, we have always steered clear of call centres and cold calling agents, with the concern that they would not convey our product or service professionally. For the type of products and potential customers we appeal to, traditional advertising in paper periodicals and trade magazines has never produced as a reasonable return on investment. We decided to instruct Straightahead to carry out a specifically targeted campaign in a market that had previously been neglected by us. We were delighted with the results and it seemed clear to us that they had a good understanding of our service and were able to communicate it to our potential clients. The sales message was transmitted in a way that was not a ‘hard sell’ but an effective communication that encompassed their needs. With numerous appointments after only a couple of days of investment, this has been a very worthwhile marketing campaign and one which we will be repeating on a regular basis."

John Hill Coach Sales

"We have noticed a sizable increase in the number of leads since we have used the services of Straightahead. They are polite, courteous and ensured that they had a good understanding of the service we provide and communicate it effectively to the industry. They are able to contact more potential clients than we could in a working day and their cold calling is developing new working relationships for us and building a manageable pipeline of leads. A worthwhile investment."