HORECA, wholesale, drinks and snacks

We have years of experience working within HORECA, wholesale, food and drink sector and have a good understanding of its nuances.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a unique lead generation approach that works for this sector.

Don't take our word for it...

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Belu Water

"It always feels like a risk to invest in a third party to represent your brand to potential customers. More so when you have an ethical brand such as Belu. But within days of working with Straightahead, we knew we had made a very positive step. In fact, one new customer we acquired described the call she received as the ‘best cold call she had ever received’. Over the last 6 months, we have worked together with Straightahead to develop our relationship and working model based on our learnings. As a result, the quality of our data, our appointments and our conversion rate are not only impressive already, but are continually improving. A quote from my Sales Director sums it up beautifully. ‘I’ve spent 30 years in the drinks industry and worked with numerous telemarketing agencies over the years on various projects and brands. However, I’ve not experienced anything that comes close to the service and results we get from Straightahead. What they deliver is incredible."

Brothers Cider

"We were recommended to use Straightahead telemarketing services to generate appointments for our sales teams targeting new distributions for Brothers. The cold calling that they have done has generated us so far over 40 appointments and at a time of year that’s notoriously difficult to get to see people, we are really impressed. It’s essential that we protect our brand and that we are represented in the right way to the right target market. Straightahead have immersed themselves in our product range and market sector and have succeeded in achieving this without any issues and hit the ground running. We are delighted with the results."


"We were recommended to use Straightahead and although rather concerned and a little sceptical that they would be able to sell our products as well as we do, they have surpassed our expectations and delivered numerous appointments based upon our criteria. They have worked closely with our Reps to ensure a succinct service that complements our existing strategy and processes. Because their service is completely bespoke and based upon what your business needs Eager would be happy to recommend Straightahead for any business in any market."

Petty Wood

"We have been delighted with the quality of the appointments that Straightahead have generated for us during a recent campaign. They have been qualified against the criteria we requested and have been worthwhile and viable appointments, many of which that have converted or are ongoing projects that will convert in the future."

Salty Dog

"We decided to trial Straightahead to sell our crisps to new outlets as a test to see what ROI we would get and have been surprised and delighted with the return. Not only have they attracted a high number of new customers but they have come up with ideas and suggestions about retention and display an attitude of ‘working with us’ rather than just taking instruction. Their proactive attitude has helped us to manage our customers through a journey offering them and us great customer service. We are extremely pleased with the activity and the positive impact it has had on our orders and new customers."