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Where to shift Trade Show & Exhibition budgets to generate new B2B business leads

Published: Fri Jan 08 2021 16:47:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The latest lockdown means that the UK's transport and logistics companies are working even harder to ensure services and deliveries keep moving. If your company used to meet new customers and get new business leads from the trade shows you'll be frustrated that, yet again, dates keep moving.

You'll be wondering if you should drop the spend, but that means less new business as those leads delivered you real profit and growth. The alternative is to move the spend to another channel and start generating leads now, rather than waiting for trade show dates to move again.

Best alternative ways to generate leads

Online advertising

Switching or increasing your online advertising and Ad Word campaigns is one option. This could work if your search terms aren't too wide. You want your efforts to be targeted enough to get quality leads that will convert to real sales.

Pay per click is great for tracking the number of people it drives to your website - but are they the right people?

Direct marketing

An alternative option is to use the direct approach - relationship building through quality telemarketing.

Carried out by an experienced agency, this can yield fast results from:

The reason quality telemarketing is working to replace trade exhibition sales is that it matches your product to your target market, in the same way that trade shows work. At trade shows, you showcase your product to those you know are 'hot prospects' rather than hoping they find you.

Telemarketing is the same, but takes this one step further and showcases your company to the 'hot prospects lists' you WANT to sell to.

Cost-per-lead vs. trade show leads

Is the cost-per-lead less or more expensive than at shows?

You will know that tradeshows are expensive due to the staffing, accommodation and stand build costs, not to mention the time cost. In our experience, on average the cost of a quality lead through telemarketing can be over 40% less than a lead from a show.

The best telemarketing agencies should:

Ask these questions of any new agency you are thinking of hiring. With the right agency, you can reduce any risk, and increase the chance of a high return on investment and growth in new customers.

Does telemarketing work?

The right call at the right time is very welcome, even more so when people are working from home. They want new suppliers and new options and they don't want to spend yet more time searching.

Our experience during the pandemic suggests that telemarketing is a great alternative to B2B trade shows and exhibitions. We would always advise that when looking for a telemarketing agency always read all the testimonials and reviews and even call an existing client to get a recommendation.

If you are thinking about an alternative way to spend your event budget in 2021 and avoid a gap in your new business and would like to discuss how quality telemarketing could help, call us today for a chat.

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