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What we've learnt about B2B lead generation during Covid-19

Published: Mon Feb 01 2021 19:16:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

A message from our CEO and founder, Vicki Culverhouse.

Long ago, I was accused of being a chameleon by an old employer, and trust me it wasn’t a compliment. In today’s world, however, being a chameleon is an asset.

Chameleons are known for how they adapt to their environment and this year everyone has been making some major changes.

At Straightahead UK, we’ve transformed our lead generation services to respond to the changing demands of our clients during the pandemic.

What’s stayed the same is our winning B2B lead generation and cold calling formula, as well as how we perform our magic. Everything else... well, there really have been some big changes. It’s been fascinating to see how we’ve changed with every new lockdown and adapted to each different set of challenges.

How we’ve improved our services

While there have been other changes to how we operate, what’s interesting is that our data shows that many of these changes have driven better results for our clients.

Over to you

Ready to generate more leads? My team of talented lead generators here at Straightahead are here to help you get the results you need, whether you are bouncing back from the impact of Covid-19 or in a position to carry on growing your business.

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