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Knowing me, knowing you: Oakley Culverhouse

Published: Sun Dec 11 2022 09:30:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Empathy is at the heart of a lead generation process that's inclusive for all, and it begins by learning how to have an inclusive workplace that plays to the strengths of your team.

Getting to know Oakley

As Operations Manager at Straightahead, Oakley Culverhouse keeps track of the results of the business, performs essential administration and plans tasks that help the business to grow.

With his larger-than-life character, Oakley is also the entertainment manager for the team, bringing boundless energy and creativity to the office – just some of the mighty strengths that could be attributed to having ADHD. His games are legendary; he shines brightest when he’s making people feel included.

What do you like about working at Straightahead?

“I like the freedom I am given in terms of the tasks I am asked to complete,” explains Oakley. “Sometimes I get asked to make decisions on what work I think would be best for me, and also the development of the business.

“I like my colleagues they’re good to be around and understand that everyone has their own differences in their personalities. I also like working with my mother; it’s nice to see her daily.”

Oaks is great fun. He’s funny, caring, direct and helpful – and you get every one of those personality traits every day. His personality is bold, and he puts effort into understanding and finding common ground with everyone. He keeps spirits high and has us laughing all day.

- Kaitlyn Joyce, Business Manager

Not every workplace is accommodating to people with ADHD. What helps you to be yourself while you get your work done?

“When doing long tasks, I am allowed to freely put my headphones in and play music or listen to videos to allow me to focus more easily. More often than not, I am allowed to change what task I am doing as I like which helps stop me from getting bored of doing the same thing.

“I get asked to do small tasks such as going to the shop to allow me to have little breaks if needed and it allows me to release a little more energy throughout the day.”

I absolutely love working with Oaks, he brings a huge amount of energy to the office and no two days are the same. In my eyes, he puts a lot of effort into keeping everyone motivated which is hugely valuable. He can be a total wind-up merchant but deep down he is truly just one of the sweetest people. I also know I can rely on him to be upfront, supportive and completely genuine, always.

- Kaela Roebuck-Wilson, Relationship Builder

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