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How to use surveys to generate new business

Published: Thu Oct 13 2022 07:33:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

What’s the easiest way to save time and money on lead generation? By unlocking the value in your lapsed and current clients.

With a simple survey, you can win back and retain more of your customers, and even generate more income from them than you thought possible.

Customer surveys – and how to use them

There are several ways to dig into what your customers are thinking and feeling.

Surveys can help you uncover the root cause of issues and dissatisfaction and give you the feedback you need to make an impact.

We know we’re world-famous for lead generation (probably) but that’s not all we do.

We conduct surveys for clients over the phone to get feedback and then request referrals from their happy customers. If your clients are happy, why wouldn’t they refer you?

Customer surveys can:

Survey case study

A company that provides equipment repairs wanted us to call their lapsed customers. They had a list of customers who haven’t used them in the last year and wanted to reconnect with them.

We approached their customers from a feedback perspective to open up a conversation and then also took the opportunity to provide them with an offer - a free service to get them to use our client again.

That's a double whammy of wins - useful feedback to help our client improve their service and it reignited sales with lapsed customers.

If you haven’t tried this approach, we’d highly recommend giving it a go.

It’s low cost to you and the long-lasting results tend to far outstrip the initial outlay.

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