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How to generate leads (without being a nuisance)

Published: Wed Jul 15 2020 14:29:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

In an ideal world new prospects would call you, but the reality is that if you want more business, you must chase it. When done in the right way, telephone calls can be a very effective part of your outbound marketing strategy. But if the thought of cold calling scares you, these tips may just help make the experience both successful and far less stressful.

How to gain friends

When creating your communication strategy, don’t forget the human element. If it sounds like you are reading from a script – like an automated robot – you won’t demonstrate your authenticity.

Take time to build rapport. In a business world driven by tasks and deadlines it is so easy to miss that we need to build genuine relationships with clients, colleagues, and teams. When we are so focused on achieving our own results, we often forget to find out what others need. This takes patience and an ability to take some time to step into their space for a while.

Go steady. If you avoid trying to rush you will be able to build trust – something which should never be unappreciated or ignored.

It is never about how we did things in the past. It's always about how we approach them today!

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