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Five ways to generate more B2B leads when cold calling

Published: Tue Jun 28 2022 13:16:52 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

The smaller and more specific your audience, the more critical it is to make your approach to B2B lead generation more strategic and focused.

Here are five things you can do today that are guaranteed to generate more B2B leads when you are making cold calls to prospects.

1. Those first 10 seconds are key

Success could hinge on the impression you make at the very start of a call. Prepare your approach beforehand, speak clearly and with a friendly voice. If you're unsure of how your tone comes across, try recording yourself or asking for feedback from a colleague.

2. Be prepared

All communication should be planned with a target outcome in mind. Do your homework and get to know the market and the company you are contacting. This information will help you understand how your offered solutions can solve the problems faced by a prospective client.

3. Use structured conversations, not scripts

Nobody wants to do business with a robot. Avoid talking at someone and instead engage with them. Open avenues of conversation by asking relevant questions and becoming a listener.

4. Learn to accept rejection

It's a cold fact that not every call will result in success. Don't take it personally, learn from it. Listen to the reasons behind the rejection, they might help generate a fresh approach that benefits both sides.

5. Believe in what you do

A prospective client is more likely to engage with someone who has an air of self-assuredness and authority about them. Even if you lack confidence or experience, it's more about how you are perceived. Speak up, speak clearly, and don't rush.

Make your cold calling strategy work for you

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