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Cold calling? How to win them over at hello

Published: Wed Jul 29 2020 12:05:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

This has been a hot subject recently. With so much time and energy directed into digital communication, many business owners and managers I talk to are all looking for the fastest, most effective way to generate more leads and sales for their business. They may be putting hours into writing the perfect sales emails and creating brilliant video content, but they often pay too little attention to how their sales team can make improved calls to their prospects.

This article will look at two areas that will make your phone calls more effective and achieve better results.

85% of marketing teams say supporting their sales team is their #1 priority. Yet, 56% of salespeople have to prepare their own sales materials. (Hubspot)

Giving your sales team and yourself a compelling reason to call and an engaging conversation style should be just as important as all your digital messaging. Equally, you need to keep your calling methodology and message updated to ensure it works.

You are not a game show contestant - keep your intro concise!

Your prospective new customer isn’t waiting for the phone to ring just to hear a 10-second speech about your business.

One of the worst ways to start a call with is something like:

“Hi! I’m Steven from The Oversharing Centre, the one-stop shop for all your oversharing requirements. We specialise in… ”

By the time you’ve finished your script, the person on the other end has hung up or they're wondering how much more of their time you're going to waste.

The goal is to keep it as short as possible but, at the same time, pick up on cues about the prospect’s mood. Are they in a hurry? Are they in their car? Are they irritable, or do they sound relaxed and ready for a chat?

This lets you adapt your tone and pace accordingly, so practice a way that you are comfortable with to open the conversation.

Are your telephone calls as buyer-centric as you think?

82% of buyers accept meetings from sellers who reach out to them. (Source: Hubspot)

Cold lead generation calls should always be buyer-centric.

Ask a few questions to get context and then modify your pitch in a way that puts the emphasis on solving the specific problem they described. You are establishing a need when you are solving the problem they have identified.

Next, talk about positive business effects. Don’t just tell them about your wonderful product and expect it will excite them to book a meeting. That is not buyer-centric. Instead, chat about why your product is valuable and explain the results it will offer them.

So, you can say:

“At Protect Online, our health and safety task organisation system can help you stay on top of administration and produce a clear audit trail to monitor status and update documents in real-time with supporting records.

“Our clients find, not only does this add an additional layer of protection for their business, but utilising cloud-based software has made them more efficient in how they operate, supported remote working, and allowed them to respond rapidly to changes in legislation.

“I would love to see if we can find the same outcomes for you.”

Addressing some of those known outcomes, particularly after getting to know and understand the context and needs of the customer, means you can focus on the outcomes that they care about most.

Your turn

So those are my best tips to improve your cold calling lead generation technique. I would really like to hear your feedback about whether they work for you and if you have any tips and techniques to add.

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