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Been ghosted by a business prospect? Here’s how to respond

Published: Sun Jun 27 2021 11:46:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

You’ve been speaking to a prospective client for some time and suddenly they go AWOL. Have you just been… ghosted?

We often have clients who tell us they’ve been “ghosted” because a business prospect has stopped returning their calls or replying to emails. So, what should you do if it happens to you?

The most important thing to do is – don’t make assumptions. Usually, there is another explanation for a disappearing prospect.

Don’t assume:

And definitely don’t:

How to respond if you think you've been ghosted

Until you manage to have a conversation with them or get a reply to your email, avoid jumping to conclusions. Your attitude and behaviour when things get difficult will tell your prospects everything they need to know about you and how you do business.

We find that in our industry sector sometimes clients want to ‘test’ us to see how we will behave towards their prospects when we can’t get hold of them, so being tenacious (not stalking), respectful (understanding boundaries) and polite and patient is essential.

Take some time to think about the day to day problems you face. There are numerous genuine reasons why someone might not be available to take your call or read your email.

If you’ve started a business relationship with someone and had a meaningful conversation with them, don’t assume they aren’t interested.


Next steps

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