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We’ve all experienced the cold callers who phone up with only THEIR purpose and need in mind, who talk AT you in order to ‘convince’ you into buying their product or having an appointment with their colleague.


These are typical telemarketing or telephone sales calls…… These calls can leave you feeling like you’ve not really been involved in the conversation, an unwilling participant perhaps and usually leave you somewhat irritated. It’s all about them and their desire to make you do what they want you to do….their product might be fantastic and their service second to none but this sort of telemarketing or telephone sales approach leaves us cold and feeling like we didn’t really have a choice in the outcome.

So why would you want to inflict this approach on your prospects?

THE GREAT NEWS IS – you don’t have to. Straightahead have developed a considered communication style and process that generates super quality appointments and well qualified leads together with the foundations to a new business relationship for you with your prospects.


Straightahead are RELATIONSHIP BUILDERS, not telemarketers or telephone sales executives.


The key difference to what we do is all about our delivery and approach. Rather than talking AT your prospects not giving them the chance to get a word in, we engage with them in a considered, intelligent and respectful two way conversation. Being engaged in a conversation enables them to feel comfortable to share their thoughts and views about their current provider.


Because we do not use a typical telemarketing/telephone sales approach we are able to investigate their concerns, issues, wants and needs without sounding challenging or intrusive and by not TELLING them what they should have or should do we focus on how we can HELP them





Traditional telemarketing and telephone sales are a way of generating leads and appointments but often because of the clumsy direct telling approach they often don’t establish that the prospect has a need. Invariably time is wasted visiting a prospect who doesn’t really want or need your service or product which can lead to a very awkward situation for both parties and not the best way to start a relationship.


Building the right foundations is about communicating effectively, ITS AN ART it's about understanding how to ask the right question at the right time, using your voice in right way, choosing the right words, ensuring that you’re taking your prospect on a journey by establishing their wants and needs as well as taking the time to understand what they require help with.


Our service lends itself to virtually any market sector we can work with absolutely any business to achieve the right outcome for them


Our unique approach generates a better foundation for a longer term relationship for you, your business AND your prospect.


We make a commitment to all our clients that we will not work for a conflicting brand or competitor at the same time, we believe that morally its wrong and feel that the integrity of your brand can be lost. We also don’t agree with the ethics behind ‘Pay per Appointment’.

We deliver daily reports so you can see exactly who we have spoken to on your behalf and what your prospects have said. Our end of campaign reports are generated to enable you to see at a glance what we’ve delivered for you

We welcome clients to come and meet the team.

We have clients who have been with us since we started

But don't take our word for it...




We work WITH our clients to ensure that what we deliver for them makes the most sense and the best ROI for them and their business. We help and guide with regard to target markets to work within, we will make data for clients, send out emails and generally offer and deliver more than you’d expect from an internal staff member

We appreciate that traditional telemarketing and appointment setting comes with a huge price tag, big commitment, set up fees and sometimes training costs too. We have such confidence in what we do and what we deliver that we don’t charge a set-up fee, or for staff training

Our charges are for just for the calls we make on your behalf . We are able to offer either a short term trial which is usually executed within a month or an ongoing campaign with a low cost monthly commitment which ever is the best option for your business as it grows.

We agree with our clients BEFORE we start what they can expect for their campaign and ensure that we deliver to those terms whilst managing our client expectations and keeping their ROI on our radar.



We’re committed to working with and helping charities and since 2009 have offered free charity days for any charity who need calls making on their behalf.

We also regularly run a charity ball and have targeted ourselves with £50,000 to be raised by the end of 2019.

Our next charity of choice ball is due to take place on:

October 6th 2018

100% of the profits are donated to charity so if you would like to join us in a fantastic evening by buying a ticket or a table and donating your contribution to the charity of your choice – please get in touch with us. info@straightaheaduk.com

 If you’ are a registered charity and would benefit from some outbound calls please contact us info@straightaheaduk.com


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